Notable Jobs

Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, Ca
Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel, Ca
Osio Theatre
Sidewalks on Alverado St. in Monterey, Ca
Blackstone Winery
MPC Library in Monterey, Ca
Hilton Hotel Renovation in Monterey, Ca
BMW Dealership in San Louis Obispo, Ca
Cielo's Restaurant in Big Sur, Ca
Infinity in Monterey, Ca
Monterey Plaza Hotel in Monterey, Ca
Porsche in Seaside, Ca
BMW in Seaside, Ca
CHOMP in Monterey, Ca
Creekbridge Homes in Salinas, Ca
Cypress Point toilet rooms in Pebble Beach, Ca
Quail Lodge in Carmel, Ca
The Beach Club in Pebble Beach, Ca
Casa Palmero in Pebble Beach, Ca
Monterey Bay Hotel on Cannery Row
SPCA for Monterey County
Circus Circus in Reno, Nv
Carmel Plaza in Carmel, Ca
Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, Ca
Markham Ranch in Salinas, Ca

General Contractors

Harvest Construction
Balesteri Builders, Inc.
Bret Fowler Construction
Frank Pinney Construction
Matt McNickle Construction
Carroll & Strong Builders
Kelly Dyer Construction
Bill Lewellen Builders
Pebble Beach Co.
Bill Yearsey Construction
Mill Construction
Otto Construction
Ausonio Construction
John Mason Construction
Dennis McElroy Construction
Marty Newman Construction
Big Sur Builders
Marc Bordonaro Construction
Blach Construction
Sun Restoration
Talmadge Construction
Swinerton Builders
Marcus Building Systems
Carmel Development Co.

Industry Professionals

Michelle Pheasant Design
Erik Miller, AIA
Lynn LaMar and Assoc.
Designers Loft
Tracy Manning
Holdren Lietzke, AIA
Gina Spiller Design
Wayne Iverson, AIA
Melanie Giolitti Interior Designer
Carlton Design
Tucker & Marks Design
John Mathems
Larry Vera


Central Coast Builders Exchange